Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam Kratom


Weight: 1 Kilograms | 2,2Lbs
Package: Vacum Sealed Bag

First, to understand Vietnam kratom strains, it should be understood that not all regions of this country are suitable for strong kratom. In fact, only a small area is known for producing kratom in this region, but where it is produced, it is quite strong.

Pain Relief 7
Relaxation 10
Anxiety Relief 6
Insomnia Relief 7
Mood Enhancement
Opiate Withdrawal Relief 5
Grind Very Fine
Bitterness Smooth
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History of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow vietnam kratom is one of many variety veitnam kratom strain, yellow kratom is similar like gold kratom, this strain is made from red vein kratom leaf, with fermeted method processing, thats make yellow or gold kratom looks like more deep red than other red vein kratom strain.


Yellow Vietnam Kratom Effect?

According from kratom users, effect from Yellow Vietnam kratom is similar like other red vein kratom powder, its provide good pain relief, and relaxing. this strain is very usefull and have long lasting effect. but its more sedative than red vein kratom


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