The Health Benefits of Green, Red, And White Vein Kratoms

Sulawesi Kratom Snippet


  1. Angela

    Kava and Kratom used together is not dangerous. I’m one person, but I’ve been doing this for years and years. At worst, you’ll fall asleep. This article does nothing to explain why the interaction may be unsafe, providing no references either. It simply states it.
    What really should be said for safety considerations (that this article at no point mentions) is that people should not drive while under the influence of kava. Just because it’s not alcohol doesn’t make it OK. Kava WILL impair your coordination and worsen your response time.
    The FDA claim that kratom can cause psychosis is also laughable. It doesn’t.

  2. Gary

    kratom working as a muscle relaxant and as a treatment option for diabetes. As a negative effect of kratom is relatively mild than its positive effect. Therefore it is beneficial for our health. This action by the DEA is cruel and senseless. It makes as much sense as outlawing coffee. I suspect corruption and collusion with pharmaceutical companies on the part of the DEA as no other explanation for classifying this substance make any sense. Please let me know what I can do to help keep this amazing natural supplement available to me and millions of others who have experienced the amazing change in our quality of life because of this great leaf.

  3. Stella Evans

    I have been using Kratom since past 2 years consecutively. It has not given me any severe side-effects apart from mild headaches. In between I used White Vein Kratom for concentration.

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