Is Kratom Legal?
Kratom Legality Status around the World

Last Update: March 2022

As someone who uses kratom, you may be wondering about the legality status of this herb around the world. The good news is that kratom is currently legal in most countries. However, there are a few exceptions, so it’s important to stay informed on the latest developments. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the current legal status of kratom in different parts of the world.

 So if you’re concerned about kratom legality, read on!

Kratom Legality Maps World

Kratom Legality Worldwide

Following countries which kratom is currently legal:












Indonesia is, by far, the world’s largest source of kratom. Although most kratom strains are named for regions throughout Southeast Asia, most such strains are cultivated within Indonesia by using the namesake region’s agricultural practices.

Kratom is scheduled to become an illegal substance in Indonesia in 2024 once new regulations from the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (BNN) go into effect. This pending ban has been in place since 2019; the date of the ban going into effect was pushed out to 2024 to give Kratom farmers time to switch to other crops. Notably, this ban would likely devastate the Kratom supply in the United States, since almost all of America's Kratom is supplied via Indonesian exports.


Canada does allow the use of Kratom, although, according to the governing bodies and laws around the organic product, Kratom has only not been authorized for internal use.  

Many vendors are getting around Kratom legality by labelling their packaging as ‘Not for Human Consumption’ and advertising it as ‘soap making and aromatherapy,’ ‘research,’ or ‘spirituality.’

We’ll briefly touch on why several governing bodies in Canada feel that Kratom should be a banned substance, along with the other half of the debate on why many people believe it should remain legal.  

Also, we’ll clarify what precisely the classification of Kratom is right now and the regulation around it. Even though it is legal, it can only be bought and sold under certain conditions so keep on reading to find out what these are.


Kratom is legal in Germany, but there are some restrictions on its use. Kratom can only be sold in pharmacies, and it is not allowed to be marketed as a drug. Kratom can be used for medicinal purposes, but it is not approved as a medicine in Germany. Kratom is also not regulated by the German government, so its production and sale may not meet all safety standards. Kratom is considered a legal herb in Germany, and it is not listed as a controlled substance. However, there are some concerns about the safety of Kratom, and its use is not recommended without medical supervision.

Kratom may interact with other medications, and it has been linked to several cases of toxicity. There have also been reports of people developing an addiction to Kratom, so its use should be monitored carefully. Kratom is legal in Germany, but it is not without risk. Anyone considering using Kratom should speak with a doctor before making a decision.


Kratom is legal in the USA, as of now. However, there are some states that are considering making it illegal. Kratom is a plant that comes from Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It can be found in the form of a powder, pill, or liquid extract.

Kratom has been shown to help with pain relief, anxiety, and depression, among other things. Despite its benefits, some people are calling for it to be made illegal because they believe it is dangerous. Kratom has not been proven to be dangerous, however, and there have not been any serious incidents reported as a result of using it.

Czech republic

Kratom is legal in the Czech Republic. Kratom is not a controlled substance in the Czech Republic, and it is not listed on the country's schedule of controlled substances. Kratom has been used in the Czech Republic for centuries as a treatment for various health conditions. Kratom is also popular in the Czech Republic as a recreational drug.

Some people in the Czech Republic believe that kratom has therapeutic benefits, while others use it simply to get high. Despite its popularity, there have been no scientific studies conducted on kratom in the Czech Republic. Kratom is not regulated in any way in the Czech Republic, so there are no specific laws or regulations governing its sale or use. There are no restrictions on importing kratom into the Czech.


Kratom is legal in Spain.

Neither the herb nor its alkaloids are on the list of controlled substances. This means that anyone can consume, buy, and even produce and sell kratom.

Belgium, Slovakia, Netherland & Sweden

Kratom is legal in This Country.

This means that anyone can consume, buy kratom, and even produce and sell kratom.

Other Countries:

Maybe some of the countries that we have mentioned have also legalized kratom, we cannot summarize this information because of the few sources, but several countries, such as Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, have regulated kratom as an illegal product.

Kratom Legality USA: State-by-State

Kratom Legality USA State By State

This Following States where kratom is legal

This Following States where kratom is prohibited

Kratom Legislature USA

Regulation Status State by State:

  • Alabama: There is pending legislature on Kratom in Alabama in addition  Talladega County has a unique kratom ordinance . Alabama House Bill 175
  • Arizona: Kratom is currently legal is Arizona at this time.
  • Arkansas: Kratom is currently Prohibited
  • Florida: Kratom is currently legal in Florida at this time although there are specific county ordinances referencing kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).
  • Georgia: At this time kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is legal in this state, but is pursuing changing state law. GA: H783 passed the House 163-2. It is not over yet but lets all say thank you for Georgia removing kratom from HB783 and let them know that they have made the right decision.
  • Illinois: Kratom is currently legal in Illinois at this time. The amended legislature creating the Kratom Control Act, This act allows Kratom to be sold legally to anyone over the age of 18.
  • Indiana: At this time kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is illegal in this state.
  • Iowa: Kratom in Iowa is currently legal at this time. HSB640 and HF2355 are currently aiming to make the plant illegal. Now is the time to contact local and state governments to get these bills stopped before they mistakenly make kratom illegal in the state of Iowa. Please sign this petition on and send this letter with your information to help us keep kratom legal in this state.
  • Louisiana: Kratom is currently legal in Louisiana but HB19 aims to change that. Please contact your local and state governments in order to stop this bill before it mistakenly becomes a law.
  • Michigan: Kratom is currently legal in Michigan at this time yet there is pending legislature trying to change that. Please sign this petition to keep kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) legal in the state of Michigan
  • New Hampshire: At this time kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is legal in this state, but is pursuing changing state law.
  • New Jersey: Kratom is currently legal in New Jersey at this time.
  • New York: At this time kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is legal in this state, but is pursing changing state law.
  • Oklahoma: Kratom is currently legal in Oklahoma thanks to work of various individuals and organizations voicing their opinions to their state and local government.
  • Tennessee: At this time kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is illegal in this state.
  • Wisconsin: At this time kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is illegal in this state.