Our Kratom Lab Test Result



At Sulawesi Kratom, we supplied the best, premium kratom strains on the market today, but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We know your health, money, and safety are important to you, and that’s why we have all our kratom powders lab-tested prior to sale.

Kratom’s popularity in recent years has inevitably led to attempts by some disreputable companies to stretch out their supply, or make it “more potent”; this might be done by adding ground herbs or teas to their kratom powder, or other substances easy to disguise as “kratom powder”.

This ploy results in a low-quality product not worth the money you paid, but it has a more sinister potential result, as well: mixing anything with a therapeutic product can cause dangerous side effects! On its own, kratom is quite innocuous, and has many beneficial properties. But when anything used therapeutically is mixed with another product, the potential for unexpected and life-threatening side effects grows exponentially.

You won’t find anything like that at Sulawesi Kratom!. We guarantee all our powders contain 100% pure, ground kratom leaves, with no fillers or additives.

Kratom Lab Tested


as we promise to all our clients, as a big vision of our company to provide the best quality of our kratom products, one of which is by providing open information for lab test results on our kratom, As for the information we provide below is our property, you are not entitled to use this as a reference for any kratom products that you do not get from us.

One important thing you should know:
The results of our lab tests are lab tests tested by one of our partners in America, tested in a trusted laboratory in America, which means that the results given are not faked or compromised. and not all of our kratom types have a lab test because some of the kratom strains that we test in the lab test come from the same facility, the same process.

As for some of the information contained in the lab test results, we disguise for privacy reasons

Lab Tested Kratom Process


we all know that kratom or mitragyna speciosa has been widely used in recent years since kratom was known to have many benefits for the health of the body and mind,
So why is lab-tested kratom an essential thing to know?

Consumers put a great deal of trust in the manufacturers who make the products they use daily, like medicines, car parts, cosmetics, and food. When products have to be recalled, this can cast doubt in consumers’ minds, which is why prevention is so important. Here’s what you need to know.

Manufacturers need to do everything they can to foster the trust they are given and take the necessary steps to keep it. One way to do that is by implementing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

KRATOM Good Manufacturing Practice

In the regulations of a country, they have rules on any item, especially food or medicine, whose purpose for consumption must meet several requirements, such as product hygiene and so on, especially for kratom, the thing that has been of most concern recently is the type of kratom product on the market. does not meet cleanliness standards; this means there is a negative risk to health. As for the germs that are often found in kratom products in the form of salmonella, ecoli, yeast, and mold,

this means kratom products that contain or are contaminated by germs. It can be said that they are not suitable for consumption according to food standards and regulations,
Especially in America, Kratom that is GMP certified has been validated and verified by the American Kratom Association or called AKA, AKA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program and AKA GMP Qualified Vendor