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I recently ordered some red, green, yellow and mang da. The quality is really good and my package arrived sooner than expected. Boby was very good at communicating all the steps to me. Will definitely buy from here again

Randy MuscarellaRandy Muscarella

I have used this vendor for many years. His quality has always been very good. I probably ordered over $20,000 of product so far, with all those orders I only lost one order of 20 kg a $1000 loss because of US customs. At first I was upset because he did not have a guarantee with his current shipper. After many months of using another vendor I went back to Boby again. He was a gentleman and gave me at least a generous discount on my first order. I am happy to say that Boby now 100% guarantee your shippment even if it is taken by US customs, something very few vendors ever do. Remember this is a third world country . So far under Boby new shipping my order takes less than a week to arrive to which I am happy. I can tell you this, Sulawesi kratom is a honest company in a land that is normally not that honest. His Kratom is very good if it wasn't I wouldn't have come back to him.

Anonymous Aussie

Boby delivered on the product as promised. There was a delay in receiving the tracking number and it did make me a littler nervous. However product arrived within agreed timeframe and the Kratom is of very good quality. Thanks my friend, we will be back. Love the Maeng Da Strain

Arthur MossArthur Moss

So happy to have a reliable Indonesian supplier! In the US everything is about profit at the expense of quality. Sulawesi Kratom is high quality at a low price. I’ve been using Kratom for 8 years and this stuff is by far the best! So fresh and potent!! Straight from the tree to you, doesn’t get any better. I use their Green Malay. It’s balanced euphoria, energy and pain relieving. Shipping to Michigan took under three weeks, not bad for halfway around the planet. I’m just so happy and grateful to Boby and company! Be patient with communication because they are very busy but it’s so worth it. I’ll only order from them from now on! Highly recommended! Thank you!!

Cray StingerCray Stinger

First of all I want to so that I have tried a lot of vendors and product. Lately it is rare to find high quality kratom, regardless of the price. I have thrown away huge amounts because, I swear it tastes like ground up slugs! Then I tried Sulawesi because my regular was having supply issues. Sulawesi IS HIGH QUALITY!!! I am so lucky to find a CLEAN SOURCED supplier with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT! They are currently building an office in the U.S. and the shipping will be much quicker. Sulawesi is my new go-to supplier. They take pride in their product quality and business. (I am not paid for this review, JUST HAPPY TO FIND QUALITY KRATOM THAT HELPS SUPPORT A HEALTHY HAPPY LIFESTYLE!!


Hi, Have just placed & received my second order of Kratom from Sulawesi kratom Indonesia. I would Totally Recommend this company to Anyone looking to purchase Honest, Reliable & Quality Kratom! They have promptly delivered vacuum sealed Fantastic Quality product, in a very quick time, from order to delivery at my door. They are an Honest Business, who source High Quality Kratom, from the area where it grows. Don't waste your time or effort with unreliable vendors. I would Absolutely recommend going through Sulawesi Kratom, so you get the product you expect & pay for!. Thanks again to Sulawesi Kratom! Very Pleased with the Product & Service they have provided me with again. Very Happy Customer. Jim from Aus!


Its been a while since I started buying Kratom from this company. I am really satisfied with the service, prices and quality.. the best vendor known to me so far. 10-10 would buy again.

DanielDanielAU herbal

i just received my 2kg of maeng da and am really impressed with my kratom as a chronic pain sufferer this herb works better than most pharmaceuticals, I have felt very up beat and pain free.

Allie SutonAllie SutonGreat Stuff!!

I recently ordered Red, White & Maeng Da. Product arrived quickly, & I wasn't disappointed. Seems to be more potent then others I have tried, good quality & good customer service. Will be ordering from them again.

Cindie nelsonCindie nelsonvery good quality

My package was shipped very quickly with no problems . I just tried the Green Sulawesi, very good quality and long lasting!!

Greg JankowskiGreg JankowskiExcellent, professional

Excellent, professional friendly communication! Great person to discuss business with in order to achieve the optimal/mutual benefit to my customers, my company, and Sulawesi in the future. A pleasure to do business with!

Hawk DufourHawk DufourGreat pricing

Ordered the green and white, loved it. It is smooth,clean and had good potency. Great pricing, friendly and very responsive customer service. Once the package got in the mail it only took about 3 days to arrive via DHL. Will Reorder again.

Scot RubiScot RubiBest Kratom product

You cannot go wrong with any product from sulawesi. Absolutely top-notch all the way around! His sulawesi is definitely has got a whole mind of its own extremely potent though, you will not be disappointed with any color vein

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