Vietnam Kratom Strain: Everything You Need To Know!

Vietnam Kratom Strain: Everything You Need To Know!

The Vietnam kratom strain is one of the many kratom strains that have a long-lasting effect, and you will find this strain at the kratom store, smokeshop, headshop, or kratom bar near you. This strain has been around for a long time. lets talk about Vietnam Kratom strain below:


Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a tree native to Southeast Asia. This plant from the coffee family contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which act on opioid receptors in the brain.

Kratom leaves are sold as an herbal supplement, most often in capsule or powder form that can be mixed with liquids. Sometimes the leaves are used for drinking tea. In small doses, kratom acts as a stimulant. In large doses, it can be used as a sedative or can reduce pain.

Researchers estimate their use began in 1836 in Southeast Asia. However, in the United States, its popularity started to emerge about a year and a half ago and shows no signs of ups and downs.

“I saw more positive kratom drug screenings in the last six months than I have in the past four years,” said William Morrone, an addiction drug specialist and medical examiner in Bay County.


Much of Vietnam grows near the Mekong River, the area of which is famous for being rich in minerals. Though Vietnam is similar to the other kratom strains but is a little different in its properties, The conditions in which the kratom plant grows have a great impact on the quality of this plant. Kratom grows best in a tropical environment that is available in Asian countries.

but kratom is illegal in Vietnam, from the data we have summarized in Vietnam itself, there are indeed many kratom trees but it has been illegal for a long time, but the Vietnamese kratom strain itself is currently being sent and processed by many farmers in Indonesia, by taking kratom seeds from Vietnam and inbreeding on our farm in Borneo – Indonesia,

As for the characteristics of this Vietnam kratom tree, they have quite wide leaves and distinctive color, the green is slightly different from the green color of kratom leaves from Borneo.
However, the effects and benefits obtained from Vietnam kratom are not much different from other strains such as the Bali kratom strain and Indo kratom strain.

Vietnam Kratom Srain


Although kratom has grown wildly in several regions of Vietnam for thousands of years, it is only recently that it has made a big impact on the kratom market.

Because the climate conditions of Vietnam are fairly different from other high kratom producing regions, such as Borneo, as well as differences in the unique makeup of the plants from Vietnam, this type of kratom has quite unique effects.

First, to understand Vietnam kratom strains, it should be understood that not all regions of this country are suitable for strong kratom. In fact, only a small area is known for producing kratom in this region, but where it is produced, it is quite strong.

The vast majority of kratom is grown around the Mekong river, where water flows from the higher elevation mountainous regions, bring with it immense amounts of minerals, enriching the soil, and providing the essential requisites for the growth of strong kratom plants.


Red Vietnam is made from Red Vein Kratom Leaf, which has a red color in the mid-center of the leaf, and this is a powerful strain for pain relief. It is stimulating but at an easy-going pace, without the big rush. This specific strain is something you can use during the day for pain relief, chronic pain. Many subtle effects, not overpowering.

Red Vietnam Kratom strain


White Vietnam or commonly called white vein Vietnam is one of the strains that have a very effective mood and energy enhancing effect, this strain is made from white vein leaves, the quality given to this type of kratom is very different from green Vietnam even though it has almost a color. the same, from Vietnam kratom user, review the mood elevation effects on this strain is better than green indo kratom gives.

White Vietnam Kratom


This strain is basically the same as the other strains, derived from green vein leaves, has a very good effect on health, especially to increase energy and mood, high mitragynine content makes this type of strain very potent and has As a long-term effect, this strain is widely used as a supplement for workers, athletes and people who have problems with depression.

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yellow Vietnam is very unique, made from red vein kratom which is fermented to produce kratom with a sedative effect which is very good for helping your sleep problems, and makes you feel relieved, this strain has high effectiveness and is long-lasting. kratom users use this type of kratom at night because yellow Vietnam will make you feel sleepy.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom


there is several of indo strain that we are not included, but you can see it on our Buy Vietnam Kratom Online you must have noticed and read that all types of indo kratom strain have almost the same thing, but the best way to find out which one is the best for you to use and suits you, one may have to try a couple of them. It also depends on your age, blood chemistry, health, and severity of the pain.

If you are looking for a natural way to take care of your health, Kratom is the motivating force you need. It promotes overall health and well being. Start by taking low doses and increase them gradually to see what is right for you.

Kratom can truly change your life if you take it in the right dosage. You can easily add it to your wellness routine. We hope we have made you aware of all the potent Kratom strains and how they can benefit you. Stay fit, stay healthy!



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