Malay Kratom Strains
In depth review

What Is Malay Kratom Strain?

Kratom plants (Mitragyna speciosa) are actually trees, occasionally growing as tall as 100 feet in height. They are native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and, as such, are a little difficult to grow in non-tropical climates. It is possible, though.

Southeast Asia, especially in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, kratom grows very fertile in this area due to several factors such as climate and soil. such as green malay kratom or super green malay kratom, others such as red malay, white malay and yellow malay are still the preferred strains in the kratom market itself.

Malay kratom strains are famous for their quality, high content of alkaloids such as mitragynine, making this type of kratom very popular with kratom enthusiasts, in the current era it is rather difficult to find sources of kratom trees in Malaysia which have almost been cut down illegally for development reasons. The legality factor of kratom in Malaysia makes this plant not cultivated like in Indonesia.

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Green Malay

Green Malay is one of the variants of the Malay kratom strain which is very popular in the kratom market, statistical data states that green Malay kratom is the top 10 kratom strain. Green Malay kratom is made from green kratom veins that grow in the jungle plains of Malaysia, while green Malay kratom produced by kratom Sulawesi is obtained from rain forests in the Sabah region of Malaysia, with high levels of alkaloids.

Green Malay kratom is rich in alkaloids. However, the most important one is mitragynine. This alkaloid is one of the main reasons people use kratom. It interacts in our bodies and produces effects such as pain relief.

Red Malay

Red malay is made from red veins of kratom that grows in the malaysia area, red malay kratom goes through a fermentation process to get a high alkaloid content, this kratom is also one of the kratom that is very popular in the market because of its very potent properties in providing properties such as pain relief and relaxation.

While Red Malay might not give you a stimulating effect, Red Malay may potentially give a boost of happiness that might be enough to keep you in good spirits. It might possibly be enough to destress and calm the mind to prepare you for bed and relaxation.

The fatigued and tired might appreciate the potential sedative effect of this strain. It might quiet the mind and pacify the body which may allow you to drowse off more quickly.

White Malay

White Malay is named after the region it is thought to originate from, Malaysia. A country that features a hot and humid tropical climate with abundant rainfall, white Malay thrives in this region. Although kratom was once used recreationally by the local community for recreational use and during gatherings in Malaysia, the government has since made several changes in the legalities of kratom in the country.

White Malay Also Known as one of the smoothest white vein kratom varieties, white Malay kratom is a strain that is often used as a caffeine alternative for its high potency and long-lasting effects.

Super Green Malay

super green malay or commonly known as super green malay is one of the premium products from the malay kratom strain that we have, then what is the difference between green malay and super green malay,

Significant differences exist in the processing process, from leaf selection to make “super” quality of a green Malay, to drying and milling processes, this creates a pattern in the manufacture of “super” quality kratom, but currently many suppliers those who use the word “super” for gimmick only, the result is a lot of kratom users who are very difficult to distinguish between regular Green Malay and Super Green Malay. it is very difficult to distinguish through visuals and forms.

But if you are more careful, super green malay has several characteristics such as a very strong bright green color, the aroma of this super green malay is very unique.

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