Traveling With Kratom: What to Know, Best Products

Travelling With Kratom

Flying with Kratom is a very common question. Since people get used to the daily routine of taking Kratom, the prospect of not being able to take it abroad for business or on holiday can be frustrating.

As ever, given the relative flippancy with which Kratom’s legality is often handled, the question isn’t a simple yes or no situation.

We all are quite aware regarding the benefits of Kratom for health. It helps in stress and anxiety relief, pain relief and many more benefits.It is available in various form like powder, capsule, pils, candy and many more products that has become quite popular but there is a very common question that pop up in our mind,

Can you travel with Kratom ?

Can you carry it in your travel bag?

To help you navigate Kratom for travel, we’ve put together an introductory guide to Kratom, explaining what exactly Kratomis, how to fly with Kratom, where you can travel with Kratom, and what the best Kratom products for travelers are.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) native to Southeast Asia in the Indochina and Malaysia phytogeographic regions. Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries for its stimulant effects. The leaves of kratom are traditionally chewed or prepared as a tea. Kratom extract is also known to have stimulant effects.

In recent years, kratom has become popular in the Western world for its purported medicinal benefits. Kratom is promoted as an alternative to opioid painkillers in the treatment of chronic pain. Kratom is also said to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, and addiction. However, there is little scientific research on these claims.

Seventy Percent of Kratom users take it specifically for anxiety. It’s also been used to treat epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and insomnia, among other ailments and conditions.

You’d generally take Kratom orally if, for example, you were combatting anxiety on a flight. 

Why does Kratom appeal to travelers?

Before we get into the legality of flying or road tripping with kratom, let’s talk about why Kratom is growing in popularity among travelers. First and foremost, it’s become a common remedy for travel anxiety. Whether you’re a nervous flier who dreads turbulence, or someone who gets wound a little tight when traveling with family, Kratom is a popular way to release some tension in your shoulders and get back to having a great travel experience.

For travelers up against significant time differences, there are also fatigue-inducing Kratom products to help you find sleep when your internal body clock is completely out of whack. Finally, travelers who are constantly dealing with traveling aches and pains (too many hours in a car or plane, or too many nights on an Airbnb mattress) might turn to Kratom — to ease their body aches.

Can you take Kratom on a flight?

When traveling with Kratom, the most important thing to remember is that the legality of these products changes based on your location.

In the U.S. Kratom is legal in several states, you can check the Kratom legality status map. However, if you’re traveling to a state that you know has strict kratom regulations, research the state laws before bringing Kratom.

The best rule of thumb when traveling with Kratom is to research whether your destination (and any countries or states you are traveling through to get to your destination) allow Kratom. You should also make sure to thoroughly understand the products in your possession

Best Kratom for Travellers

Best Kratom Products for Travelers

Here comes the fun part — what are the best Kratom products for travelers? these are the best introductory Kratom strains for travelers based on the effects.

#Editor choice

1. Red Bentuangie Kratom

red Bentuangie Kratom Powder

Red Bentuangie kratom powder is made from the fermentation process of red vein kratom leaves. The fermentation process in the production of kratom is widespread, and it aims to increase the sedative effect of kratom. This strain originates in the Kalimantan region of Indonesia, geography known for having ideal growing conditions that Kratom trees love.

#Top Pick's

2. Super Green Kratom

Super Green Kratom Powder

Super Green Kratom Powder, one of the best variants of our flagship products, comes from our best kratom farm in Indonesia, Super Green or Super Green Vein kratom is made from 100% Green Vein Kratom processed by drying in an indoor, and controlled temperature, Revel in the balanced perfection of Super Green Kratom Powder, ideal for first-timers and seasoned users alike.

If you didn’t already know, green vein kratom strains are considered a hybrid of the red vein (known for relaxation) and white vein (known for energy). The result is botanical matrimony of calm yet motivating effects. This makes Super Green a fan-favorite for daily users!


If you are planning on traveling with kratom, be sure to do your research and pack the products that will work best for you. With a little preparation, you can enjoy your vacation while still getting the benefits of kratom. Have you tried traveling with kratom? What tips would you add?

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